David Aimone

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Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography:   My works combine and synthesize modern photographic technology with very traditional tools and techniques to achieve a very personal and contemporary synthesis. I am intrigued with the expressive potential of this merger, which offers a... read on
The Music of Photography — David Aimone
david aimone
Jun 12, 2015

fotovisura member David Aimone is a musician and photographer. Born into a family of creatives, he says that, for him, music and images are "essentially the same". Working mostly with natural light ("I am not a huge fan of strobe or studio lights"), his portraits, nudes and landscapes all share his dream-like, fantasty aesthetic. He says of beauty: "... it can be found in the subject itself, the lighting which renders the subject, the textures in the images, or the patterns that make up the image." 

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