Claudia Toledo

Sagrada Familia Project
Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Chilean
Biography: Claudia Toledo Campos (Santiago de Chile, 1993)  Documentary photographer - Visual storyteller I studied professional photography in the school of arts and communication ARCOS, in Santiago de Chile, a few years after, I moved to Barcelona... read on
Public Story
Sagrada Familia Project
Credits: claudia toledo
Date of Work: 07/01/19 - 09/30/19
Updated: 12/03/19
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Sagrada Familia Project

From the Olimpic Games celebrated in 1992, Barcelona City started to get international relevancy. Year after year, tourisim increases in this city, becoming one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. Today, almost three decades after this celebration, Barcelona has the 17th place in the list of the most visited cities around the world, and the 7th in all Europe, hosting more than 15 million tourists from all over the world every year. La Sagrada Familia is, certainly, the main attraction.

This project represents the diversity of the tourism around this emblematic monument, focusing on some identities of the thousands of visitors hosted by La Sagrada Familia every day. Gathers diverse portraits of tourists in front of the oldest side of the building, 'El Nacimiento', showing the structure only as support and focusing on the person.

This series is the product of a collective-work, was developed with Anastasia Miseyko, we both made portraits in the two sides of the monument. She photographed the newest side, 'La Pasión' (last two pictures of the series shows the whole collection, including Anastasia's portraits).

From our both perspectives, we tried to register the diversity of people and somehow, show a parallel between the opposite sides of the structure. Humanizing the visitors through the portraiture, giving them a face and name, who are usually shown as huge masses of people walking around the monument.

The photographic point of view is the same in all images of the series, all pictures were taken in the same hour of the day during the summer of 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.


By Claudia Toledo —


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