Nathalie Bertrams

The Forgotten People
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Nationality: German
Biography: Nathalie Bertrams is a photographer and journalist who works mainly across Africa. She is a National Geographic Explorer, and a grantee of the European Journalism Center, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Free Press Unlimited and Kunstfonds... read on
Public Story
The Forgotten People
Credits: nathalie bertrams
Date of Work: 12/01/15 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/07/18
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

The Forgotten People

An estimated 450.000 stateless Palestinians live in Lebanon, descendants of the refugees who were seeking shelter from the 1948 Arab-Israeli war but also Palestinians that fled from Syria in recent years.

Since the official refugee camps are poverty-stricken, overcrowded and suffer from inadequate basic infrastructure, around 40 percent of the Palestinian refugees live in informal gatherings that fall outside the UNRWA mandate. Outside the camps, rents have risen at an astronomical rate since early 2012 after the massive influx of Syrians and Palestinian-Syrians into Lebanon.

Some of these Palestinian refugees are living in Daouk, a so-called gathering, an informal refugee settlement neighbouring an official UN camp in Beirut.

The discrimination faced by Palestinian refugees in Lebanon is clearly evidenced by their lack of rights to housing, land and property ownership. Also, they face numerous employment restrictions and have no access to public social services. Even access to health and educational services is limited.

The world's oldest unsettled refugee population is denied basic human rights and suffers from appalling economic and social conditions.


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