craig stennett

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Location: Germany
Nationality: British
Biography: Graduating with a BA (Hons) in Photography from Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham, England in the Late 80′s, Craig went on to win The David Hodge Memorial Award Young Photojournalist of the Year with a story he had covered in Thailand. He... read on


I was working towards the end of last week with The Daily Telegraph in Chemnitz in Eastern Germany for a couple of days. This was one of the images i took of the Far Right Demonstrations. A demonstrator at the the right wing 'Pro Chemnitz' rally taking place at Gellerts Strasse outside the Chemnitz Football Club‘s ground has 'HATE 'tatooed on his hand as he holds a banner showing the Deutsch Flag. Roughly 1000 people attended the demonstration on Friday at the football ground sparked by the murder of a 35 year old German man , Daniel Hillig, believed to have been carried out by 2 non German nationals who are now under arrest. It seems the muder of Mr Hillig was the pretext for various groups of far right and neo Nazi's to descend on Chemnitz from the surrounding region and use the murder as a rallying point for anti foreign sentiment.