Sarah Catherine Craig

Documentary Photographer & Radio Journalist
Faces of Fracking
Location: California + Montana
Nationality: USA
Biography: Sarah Craig is a documentary photographer and multimedia storyteller based in Oakland, CA. A native of Bozeman, MT, she left the mountainous West to attend Vassar College on the East Coast, where she completed a B.A. in Geography. She attended... read on
Public Story
Faces of Fracking
Credits: sarah catherine craig
Date of Work: 01/01/14 - 01/01/15
Updated: 05/25/18
Thousands of wells have been fracked across California — in cities, in farmland, next to schools, in the ocean, and in our National Forests.  But little has been studied about what the impacts will be to the state's air, water, food, and communities. For years in California the practice has largely operated behind closed doors and without regulation. Recognizing the complex and often technical nature of the statewide and national conversation around extreme oil and gas extraction, this project's mission is to help deepen society's understanding of the human and environmental costs that come from our dependence on oil. View the entire project at

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