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Notes from isolation
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Bruno was born in 1984 and he is a Lisbon-based photojournalist and documentary photographer. In 2006 he ended his studies in photography and photojournalism at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. Since then, he has covered news and stories... MORE
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Notes from isolation
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Updated Sep 2022
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On March 18, 2020, the Portuguese President decreed a state of emergency for 15 days, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It included mandatory confinement and restrictions on circulation on public roads. In the previous week, March 14, schools and all other community and sports activities closed and children across the country had to stay at home.

With the exception of the news on tv, everything was similar to a couple of days spent at home. But by the end of the first week, it was already clear that we were experiencing something completely new.

The fact that I continued to work at the newspaper, often in places possibly exposed to the virus, brought some fear and anxiety to levels that I had never experienced before. I remember what it was like to come home after work. The nights of those first weeks were of intermittent sleep. I would wake up agitated and walk through my daughter and son's beds, just to feel if they were ok.

I always kept a camera loaded with film next to me and on some of those nights, I would find comfort in photographing them while they slept.

The state of emergency would be extended two more times, lasting until May 2.
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Notes from isolation by Bruno Colaço
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