Clary Estes

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  Clary Estes is a documentary photographer from Central Kentucky who works internationally on stories about the human condition.



2013          MA New Media Photojournalism, Corcoran College of Art and Design

2010          BA International Studies, University of Kentucky



Ability to conduct research, manage and lead business initiatives, conduct daily administrative duties i.e. data entry, budgeting, client and media relations, and archiving. Strong proficiency in facilitating organizational, board and leadership development. Strong proficiency in production development and organizational strategic development as it relates to video production and systemic improvement. I have a great deal of experience in video and still photography training both in classroom settings and in business settings.



Macintosh, PC, with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. High proficiency in Final Cut and Adobe Creative Suite, including After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, Indesign, Illustrator and Bridge. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Office, Photo Mechanic. Proficient in HTLM and CSS, with past experience writing C++ code for Data Acquisition systems.



Native Fluency in English. Conversational and business language proficiency in Japanese. Conversational proficiency in Japanese Sign Language. Conversational and business language proficiency in Romanian.


Selected Experience

Community Development Coordinator, Peace Corps, 06/02/2015-Present

Work as a volunteer in Moldova doing a wide range of media development and outreach work for organizations. These activities include photography and video training for young people so that they can tell their story and disseminate it on a wide scale, information technology development for non-profits and local governmental bodies, and media creation intended for organization use and dissemination for better local, regional and international visibility.

Photography Fellow, Ishbashi Zaidan, Nagoya Japan, 04/2013-04/2015

Documenting recovery efforts from the 2011 tsunami in Ishinomaki, Japan, deaf-blind community profiles in Nagoya, Japan, the state of healthcare across the entirety of rural China, and the phenomenon of Chinese rural “Left Behind” people. 

Videographer/Editor, UBrainTV Japan, Nagoya Japan, 10/2014-03/2015

Responsible for Video directing, planning, shooting, editing and all levels of production. Considerable work in the media department’s development and improvement in production value, including identifying weak areas of production, video and general department training, and development and streamlining production team work from day-to-day to insure sustainable and consistently improving growth for the long term.


September 2014, Hopscotch House Residency, Louisville, KY

August 2014, Lijiang Studio, Lijiang, China

June 2013-November 2013, IFChina Original Studios, Ji’an, China

May 2009-June 2009, CaochungDi Workstation, Beijing, China

Lectures and Workshops

2013, Introductory Photojournalism, IfChina, YingPanXu, Jiangxi, China

2012, Photographing Communities Workshop, Corcoran College, Hindman, KY

2010, Community Videography Workshop, Headwaters Inc, Whitesburg, KY

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

2013-2015, Ishibashi Zaidan Fellowship Award, Awarded to study documentary photography and video arts in East Asia

2012, Graduate Fellowship Award, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Awarded for outstanding graduate work

2012, Polly Logan Award for Women in the Arts, Corcoran Women’s Association, Awarded for outstanding work as a female artist

2011, Dean’s Award, Corcoran College of Art and Design, Award for outstanding scholastic work in the arts


Solo Exhibitions

July 2016, Those Who Remain, Museum to the Deportees, Mereni Moldova

March 2013, Second to None: The Legend of Stanton Elementary, THEARC Gallery, Washington DC, and

June 2009, Red Sun, Hopewell Museum, Paris KY


Group Exhibitions

August 15-21, 2015, Contemporary Art Week Exhibition, Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad, Curated by Thru Collective

April 10-24. 2015, People, Texture, Environment, Q18 Quatier Am Hafen, Cologne, Germany, Curated by Thru Collective,

May-June.  2015, Growth, Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, St Croix Island, Curated by USVI

August 15-21, 2015, Contemporary Art Week, Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad, Curated by Thru Collective

May 2014, Transformations, Pyro Gallery, Louisville KY, Curated by Laura and Jeffrey Skinner,

March 2014, Magnum Post-Workshop Exhibition, Reminders Project Stronghold Group Photography Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan, Curated by Antoine D’Agata, and

November 2013, Petty Thieves, Empty Stretch, Washington DC, Curated by Empty Stretch and Furthermore,              

April-May 2013, NEXT 2013, Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC, Curated by Susan Sterner,

April 2013, ReCAP, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Curated by the Corcoran Association of Photojournalists

November 2012, This Is Not a Photo, Gallery 31, Washington DC, Curated by Susan Sterner,

May 2012, Convergence, Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC, Curated by the Corcoran Association of Photojournalists

May 2012, Corcoran Student Exhibition, THEARC Theater, Washington DC, Curated by Susan Sterner

2011 and Ongoing, Whitesburg Mural Project, Whitesburg KY, Curated by the Whitesburg Tourism Commission  


Selected Press

Adam Pasion, Building a Better Tohoku, Japan Daily, March 2016,

Clary Estes, The Left Behind: The Skipped-Generations of China’s Rural Poor, The Daily Yonder, February 2016,  

Lindsay Comstock, Breaking Boundaries: Clary Estes on the Peace Corps and Documentary Photography, Shutterstock, December 2015,

Brent Crane, Left Behind: Photos Document Life for the Elderly and Very Young in China’s Rural Communities, Feature Shoot, February 2015,  

Second to None, Student Finalist, Photophilanthropy, March 2014,

Left Behind, Professional Feature, Photophilanthropy, March 2014,

Left Behind, Invisible Photographers Asia, December 2013,

Linton Weeks, Why are We Expats?, Protojournalist NPR, November 2013,  

Sue Ann Tay, Conversations, Shanghai Street Stories, October 2013,