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Location: los angeles
Nationality: Mexico
Biography: My name is Aldo Chacon and I am a Mexico City born, Los Angeles based photographer. I have been traveling and living in many different cities for the past 12 years.  I've lived in Europe, the US and Mexico and this has allowed me to... read on
Private Project
Shoe Wizz
Credits: aldo chacon
Date of Work: 12/01/17 - 02/01/18
Updated: 02/06/18
Location: los angeles
In the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, a small shoe repair shop remains standing amongst new building developments and luxury apartments. The owner, a local native, inherited the business from his father who also used to be a cobbler. With much effort his father built several Shoe Wizz locations across the city but a family dispute divided the business leaving only one Shoe Wizz standing, the first store they ever founded. 

These are some snapshots of the daily life at "The Shoe Wizz"