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Central American Medical Outreach
Location: Washington DC
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Biography: Ken Cedeno is a Washington D.C. based independent photographer with experience covering politics, travel and other assignments around the globe. Recent coverage of Ukraine for United Press International. He was a frequent contributor to Corbis... MORE
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Central American Medical Outreach
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Updated Aug 2016
Location Honduras
Topics Documentary, Emotion, Health/Healing, Illness, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty

In Honduras, good medical assistance is hard to come by. Twenty-seven years ago Kathy Tschiegg (Pronounced - Chig) brought that needed assistance to the small town of Santa Rosa de Copan, with her organization CAMO, Central American Medical Outreach. From hundreds of miles away in all walks of life, from up in the mountains living in crowded multi-family adobe huts, in villages along rivers, and small towns far and wide, people come by the thousands for consultation of their medical issues in hopes of relief. Many need to get back to the hard work of farming and be functional for their families.

Tschiegg has implemented a regular schedule of specialized doctors and volunteers who travel to Santa Rosa de Copan for one week, twice a year. These volunteers have helped hundreds of thousands through the past 25 plus years with reading programs for young children, support facilities for women and children suffering from domestic violence, skilled training, and quality medical and dental care, from the simple to complicated back and or eye surgery.

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Ken Cedeno
Central American Medical Outreach by Ken Cedeno
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