carlo Bevilacqua

Photographer Filmmaker Creative Director / Storytelling
Palermo Underground
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italy
Biography: I'm photographer, filmmaker and visual storyteller. I started taking pictures, originally focusing on societal and anthropological photographic studies. I alternate photography and direction of documentaries and video clips. I'm based in... read on
Under the markets of ancient Arab memory and the Baroque palaces, there is a mysterious and legendary Palermo. The underground Palermo in which, according to a legend, the members of the secret society of the Beati Paoli moved, to whom someone wants to trace the origin of a certain mafia paladin of the people and avenging of injustices. But the subsoil is not just a place of legends. There have been opened quarries from which the materials necessary for the construction and urban development of the city have been taken, catacombs already built in the early Christian era, necropolis, crypts, springs, rooms of the scirocco to shelter from the hot African wind, an aqueduct complex water heritage of Arab culture, Miqweh Jews of purification, constitute a real underground urbanization

By carlo Bevilacqua —


Fascist Nostalgia - Italy

By carlo Bevilacqua — Fascist Nostalgia It may seems incredible yet despite Benito Mussolini’s death almost 70 years ago, the once leader of the Italian government..

Muxes - The Third Gender in The Zapotec Land

By carlo Bevilacqua — In Mexico and precisely in a small town of the state of Oaxaca, in the isthmus of Tehuantepec, land of the ancient Zapotec peoples, there is a..

Quinceañeras - Cuban Girls Fifteen BDay Celebration

By carlo Bevilacqua — The age of fifteen years old (quince) a la Habana mark the final transition from childhood to adulthood, and as such, are celebrated today in the..

Islam In Cuba

By Carlo Bevilacqua — ISLAM IN CUBA by Carlo Bevilacqua According to a recent, yet unofficial, survey, the Cuban Muslim community should count around 4,000 people, most..

UTOPIA. Dreaming The Impossible

By carlo Bevilacqua — In 1516 Sir Thomas More coined the term “Utopia” to describe an idealistic society in which common principles are shared, people live..

Panamà. Where The Ocean Kiss Each Other.

By Carlo Bevilacqua — August 15, 2019 is the 500th anniversary of the city of Panama. Its channel connectingthe Atlantic to the Pacific is the largest engineering..

Queering India

By carlo Bevilacqua — Different cultures and religions have always hosted and institutionalized love and sexuality between people of the same sex; such mythologies and..

Two Spirits - Gender Fluidity in Native American Culture

By carlo Bevilacqua — Two-Spirit is a modern, pan-Indian, umbrella term used by some indigenous North Americans to describe certain people in their communities who..

Omeggid. San Blas Indigenous Transgenders . Panama

By carlo Bevilacqua — In the archipelago of San Blas and in general in the comarca (district) of  Kuna Yala,  the autonomous territories of the indigenous..
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