Carlos Bernate

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I’m a Colombian documentary photographer borned in Bucaramanga (COL). My work is focused on exploring and understanding the social dynamics that make us humans or otherwise make us lose... read on
"We do not want to be in the dark anymore....
"We do not want to be in the dark anymore. We are going to the light because they have taken everything away from us, so they have also taken away our fear. " The concept of illegality is a term that has been used by governments in different countries to justify abuses against minorities; when a human being is cataloged as ̈ilegal ̈ his humanity is destroyed giving rise to the perpetuity of violence towards different races, creeds or migratory status. The term immigrant is defined as a person who moves from their place of origin to another, understanding this as a country or region to settle there temporarily or permanently; both people and animal species in their instinct to survive have migrated in search of better opportunities. Inmigrants who have left everything to start over in the US are not welcome, regardless their migratory status or origin; both the goverment as the authorities have created a database to classify the profiles of what they consider a ‘criminal’, deleting among these profiles any white individual native from this nation, this has generated a violent stigmatization towards any inmigrant in the country. This is my case and that of many people that abandoned our homes, we left everything believing in the dream of improving our lives, we have left behind the wars of our countries of origin to come to the nation that has mostly caused them; it becomes ironic but ends up showing us a much more sinister reality. While we die in our territories, we are enslaved here by the political system that oppresses our people, the same who also works for the develop of this country. This project aims to begin to question a little the way we are shown as inmigrants, several times we were hiding, however we did it for so long that in the process we also lost our own identity. Now we want to be seen, recognized and represented. (On going project)