Betty Laura Zapata

Location: London, United Kingdom
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: Betty Laura Zapata is a Venezuelan documentary photographer based in London. She focuses on long-term projects that document social issues, political conflicts, health, immigration and gender violence. Betty completed an MA course in... read on
betty laura zapata
Oct 2, 2019
Honored to participate in the Eddie Adams Workshop!

The Eddie Adams Workshop is the only tuition-free photojournalism seminar of its kind. Applicants at the start of their career submit portfolios for consideration. One hundred participants selected solely on the merit of their pictures team up with top professional photographers and editors for a four-day gathering that includes assignments, portfolio reviews, panel discussions and presentations. The Workshop began in 1988 with the goal to redress the exclusivity of professional opportunities by accepting students based on their demonstrated skills, and not on their ability to pay tuition. The all-volunteer faculty and staff, many of whom are alumni, are passionate about the mission and donate their time and expertise. The Workshop, with chief support from Nikon, has an unparalleled history of nurturing talent, exchanging ideas and building relationships.  

New Students_2019 — The Eddie Adams Workshop

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