Btihal Remli

The Djinni Diaries - The Colors or Djinn
Location: Marrakesh, Morocco
Nationality: German & Moroccan
Biography: Btihal Remli ( b. 1987, Germany) is a visual storyteller focused on art and documentary photography. Based in Morocco,  where her family is originally from, Btihal explores stories related to identity, religion and belief, gender and... read on
Public Story
The Djinni Diaries - The Colors or Djinn
Credits: btihal remli
Date of Work: 01/01/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/27/19
The djinn cult is closely knit to the Moroccan Sufi-brotherhoods. With the Gnawa-brotherhood having come as slaves from West Africa to Morocco, the cult combines pre-Islamic narratives with the religious contents of Islam. More than a way to maintain the Gnawa identity, the invocation and worship of djinn in the trance-like derdeba rituals is considered as a way to free the possessed from the impact of the spirits.
The Gnawa brotherhood classify djinn into the seven colors. During their invocations they play melodies according to a specific color to bring the djinn to dance. At this time humans may dance with the creatures from another world.

By Btihal Remli —

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