brut carniollus

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Brut Carniollus is a visual artist and photographer specialized in photography based digital collage and digital graphics executed as original digital UV prints. His work is exhibited and awarded... read on
Simple, clean patterned geometry...
Lightpipes Simple, clean patterned geometry detail of a service passage in National Gallery in Prague was calling for only a slight high-key treatment, much unlike the torture most of my photos are subjected to on their way to the gallery wall. Minimalist high-key architectural abstract, original digital UV print from digitally created source up to 100 x 70 cm. * 2015, Photocrowd & Alamy Exhibition, Theprintspace gallery, London, UK, editor’s pick
Snowstorm in the magic hour
Snowstorm in the magic hour Photography, original digital UV print or canvas transfer up to 123 x 92 cm. - PHOTO SAPIENS PRIZE RUNNER UP, 2015