Nouar Bellil

Photographer & Filmmaker
Location: Vienna, Austria
Nationality: Algerian
Biography: Born in Algeria, lived in France where I attended the University of La Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris, and received my Master degree in communication & media studies , at the Institute of Art & Media. Now I am based in Vienna (Austria) but... MORE
Baile, Cante and Palmas: Flamenco Emotionally Intense
nouar bellil
Dec 8, 2017
Andalusia is probably more known for its flamenco music and dancers than any other specificities, I guess.

Here is one photograph from a series I made during one summer night when staying in Andalusia. It is a show on stage in a small bar - or better said café teatro called El Escenario. This was recommanded by a local girl living in Estepona as the place to be to admire a flamenco evening. I think, she was right.
Andalusian Flamenco Show by Nouar Bellil

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Andalusian Flamenco Show

Nouar Bellil

Protestation Against Right & Far Right Coalition in Vienna, Austria.

Nouar Bellil

Based in Vienna, Austria

Nouar Bellil
Baile, Cante and Palmas: Flamenco Emotionally Intense by Nouar Bellil
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