SPETSNAZ: Portraits of Secret Soldiers
Location: MOSCOW
Nationality: RUSSIAN
Biography:   Photojournalist DMITRI BELIAKOV, born 1970, Russia, Vologda region, graduated from the Foreign languages department of Yaroslavl University and started working in 1993 as a translator-researcher for Express Newspapers UK and stringer for... read on
Public Story
SPETSNAZ: Portraits of Secret Soldiers

The Russian Special Forces & Anti-Terror units (Spetsnaz) are the elite of Russia's armed forces - the country's toughest and best trained crack force - deployed only in the military's most secret and dangerous operations. They played key, front-line roles in both Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the war in Chechnya.

The fighters of MOD SF (GRU combat intelligence) and FSB SF are deployed currently in Syria, where take active part in "black ops", eliminating high value targets from the IS terrorists battalions.

The men portrayed in this series were all senior Spetsnaz officers of 3 different structures: MOD, KGB/FSB & MOI. 

Many of them fought in Afghanistan, Chechnya and were sent in to put an end to some of the world's most spectacular terrorist attacks - including the Moscow theatre siege (Nord-Ost hostage crises) and the Beslan school massacre.




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