Fatemeh Behboudi

Documentary Photographer
One moment
Location: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Fatemeh  Behboudi   ( Photojournalist  and  Documentary  photographer )   was  born  (1985) in  Tehran , Iran.   She  started  Professional  Photography  at  2007 ... read on
Public Story
One moment
Credits: fatemeh behboudi
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 04/13/17
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This is an essay on execution in Iran. It is a self-reflection to that answers my questions about life, death, and people.  The project is about the last minutes of 10 individual lives who are about to and then are executed publically (most of them were convicted of killing, raping, villainy and robbery). My main interest and concern was the impact these executions had on the men, women and children who voluntarily chose to witness these scenes: especially, children committing suicide in Iran after watching the execution scenes

I question: Why are public executions an instrument to punish people in society? If it is a public event—why aren't children prohibited from witnessing such a traumatic and fighting scene. After witnessing these executions and the impact they had on the children who freely watched them—I decided to do an in-depth project on this. These images are the result. 

Life is a short moment in time....one moment is our birth and another is our Death.

How we came to the world and how we will come back from the world? ... These are questions nobody knows the answer to. 

2011_2012 / Tehran - Isfahan - Qazvin- Varamin

By Fatemeh Behboudi —

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