Fatemeh Behboudi

Documentary Photographer
Looking for Freedom
Location: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Fatemeh  Behboudi   ( Photojournalist  and  Documentary  photographer )   was  born  (1985) in  Tehran , Iran.   She  started  Professional  Photography  at  2007 ... read on
Public Story
Looking for Freedom
Credits: fatemeh behboudi
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 09/07/18
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Every person is in looking for freedom and everybody has a personal definition for that .

As a person I always looked for my freedom in Iran . 

A Religious  country with manly society that many times was black and white to me . 

Where I always asked myself : Where can I  find my freedom  ? Is it the inside of Iran .? Or it’s out of iran “?

It’s about the hijab  ?.. or it’s about the law ? Sexuality  Or religion .?

All these years , in front of my photography I always tried to find and discover my  answers .


And Recently I found the meaning of my photographs  . 

I was looking for freedom and  I found out the answer is inside of myself. 

 The real freedom is inside of me .. inside of my heart  .


This work is About all the moments that I was looked for my freedom and experienced them. 

The moments  from all of my fear ..or anger .. or all the thing’s that challenged me all this time .


By Fatemeh Behboudi —

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