Aggelos Barai

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Location: Athens
Nationality: Albania
Biography:  Aggelos Barai was born in 1994 in Albania, however, he moved to Greece with his family at a very young age. After winning the National Photography Competition, he studied on scholarship History and Philosophy of Art and Photomedia at... read on

These photographs of mine, are not considered to be a work of art, but in this case, the mere evidence of the situation in Idomeni - a small Greek village located near the borders between Greece and FYROM - where refugees and migrants alike, were stuck in thousands, inside and outside the local temporary camp, after FYROM and Europe alike, decided to close the borders and shut down the so called, Balkan route, which led them to the Northen European countries.

My goal with this project, was to capture the everyday life in and around the camp, giving to the viewers the opportunity to sympathise with those peoples' desperate situation and try to imagine what it feels like, to be trapped in a kind of a no man's land, in a country that can hardly take care of her own people.