Valerie Baeriswyl

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Location: Haïti
Nationality: Suisse
Biography: Valérie Baeriswyl (35) is vegetarian, outspoken and is especially entertaining when speaking English with her thick French accent. She is also a Swiss photographer who studied photojournalism in Paris, currently based between Haiti and... read on
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Credits: valerie baeriswyl
Updated: 12/08/16

This serie "Tents,in the camps of Anse-a-Pitres", a city on the boarder of Dominican Republic and Haiti, is here to highlight the precarious conditions of living, these people have to endure after being expelled from the Dominican Republic.

They try to survive in the middle of the cactus, the dirt, with almost nothing. The are very smart, creative and build “temporary” homes.

This has been lasting since June 2015. Hundreds of Haitian people who had to leave the Dominican Republic have had to settle there. The authorities of this city, have no budget and can do absolutely nothing.

For months they have been thousands of Haitian people expelled from the Dominican Republic, which is right now the biggest immigration crisis in the Caribbean.


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