Valerie Baeriswyl

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Location: Haïti
Nationality: Suisse
Biography: Valérie Baeriswyl (35) is vegetarian, outspoken and is especially entertaining when speaking English with her thick French accent. She is also a Swiss photographer who studied photojournalism in Paris, currently based between Haiti and... read on
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Credits: valerie baeriswyl
Updated: 12/08/16


In Malpasse (on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic),  the massive import of the dominican products towards Haiti can easily be noticed. On Mondays and Thursdays, market days, hundreds of Haitian come in every mode of transportation to grab some supplies, groceries that will help the country to live on.

The unstable economy of Haiti, especially since its Independence in 1804, does not help the relationship strained between both parts of the Dominican island.

In September 2015, Haiti forbade 23 products imported by ground among them: wheat flour, oil, washing powder or even spring water. The dependence of Haiti from his neighbor for a lot of basic products is dramatic.


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