Valerie Baeriswyl

Fête des Rois
Location: Haïti
Nationality: Suisse
Biography: Valérie Baeriswyl (35) is vegetarian, outspoken and is especially entertaining when speaking English with her thick French accent. She is also a Swiss photographer who studied photojournalism in Paris, currently based between Haiti and... read on
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Fête des Rois
Credits: valerie baeriswyl
Updated: 01/08/17


Every year on January 6th took place " La fête des rois " in Gonaïves, on the West side of Haiti. " Lakou Badjo and Lakou Soukri " were the " sacred temples " which welcomed a set of voodoo rituals which involved prayers, songs, dances, offerings, trances, baths of purification. The white candles and the yellow candles play a fundamental role in the invoking the Spirits. Following the beats of drums and songs, the women dancers, and some man dancers Congo move their feet in a very fast way and make small bounces with their shoulders and twerking.

Beyond the importance of its African inheritance, its history the colonization, to the marronnage and to the independence of Haiti, the Epiphanie, one of the most important parties of the voodoo calendar, which immortalizes the tradition in Haiti.

Pictures taken on January 6, 2016 and on January 5-6, 2017

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