Andrew Biraj

Bonded Stitches & Struggle
Location: Washington DC, USA
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Biography: Andrew Biraj is a photojournalist based in Washington, DC. He has fifteen years experiences of covering breaking news, in-depth photo stories, politics and sports. He covered Afghanistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia and UK. Biraj has been... read on
Public Story
Bonded Stitches & Struggle

Testimony of Life in Bangladesh’s Garment Industry

More than 3.5 million workers produce high quality international product brands in garment industries of Bangladesh. Despite of unexpected terrible working conditions, women represent a significant majority of the workers. Unsafe and risky environment of the garment factories, unexpected accidental death, sexual harassments in the work places, discrimination in labor cost, malnutrition and unhygienic environment are the common issues are very much related to the fortune of these workers. Human rights violated in every steps of their life. They don’t know how to raise voice to claim rights as a human being. When they raise voice for their minimum demand they have to face brutality both from the law enforcement agencies and garment owners. They don’t know how expensive product they produce by dropping their sweats. Even two third of their wages are take hold of by the landlords and inflated market. The garment workers of Bangladesh don’t know the risk factors of working condition in an unplanned or incompliance factory, but they have to burn alive, sandwich under the rubble or sustain serious physical and mental injuries


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