Andrew Biraj

Location: Washington DC, USA
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Biography: Andrew Biraj is a Bangladeshi photojournalist currently based in Washington DC. Biraj has worked for the international news agencies Reuters, Sipa Press USA and Getty Images. He holds an advanced diploma in photography from Pathshala, the South... read on

In our imagery, Afghanistan is a ground of catastrophe without therapy. A

ground of Taliban, Islam, fundamentalism, war, risk and greed. If

considered at all by the international media, reports from the continent

are generally buried within the shadows of stereotypes. My invention of

Kabul is far beyond the formed perception. Behind the war and conflict

images, the daily life is full of colors and vibration. Here people have their

own generosity, which is far beyond Taliban. As a photographer my eyes

looked for those scene to illustrate my experience beyond the news



By Andrew Biraj —

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