Andrés Ronderos

Photographer and designer
The Garden
Location: bogota
Nationality: Colombian
Biography:   Industrial Designer, Photographer and entrepreneur, born in Bogota-Colombia in 1972, Ronderos divides his time as a furniture designer and fashion & advertising photography, besides the relentless pursuit, management and... read on
If there is some way we can change the world, it´s returning to nature, to our fields and crops, to basics. Our increasingly digital societies, without time and without memories, are generating a culture that goes beyond consumerism, which transcends the human ego just to satisfy only its daily and worldly development, and leaves it without a basis for a firm and sustainable future and longs for a better life.

The administration of land and nature is not just work for a few, it is a community labor to preserve and prolong our existence. If we do not inculcate in our children the love for the earth and the knowledge that it gives us, we will increasingly be condemned to an early extinction, both physical and cultural.

This project portrays the fruits and vegetables of the orchard of the botanical garden of Bogota. The images depicts the selection of food that are traditionally consumed in houses and restaurants in the savanna of Bogota.To know the plants and food that surround us, that are next to you, is a work for us parents, have. We have to teach our children, to know the forests, insects and birds, the animals that inhabited this land, long before us.

We're still on time!


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