Andrés Ronderos

Photographer and designer
Alto Rendimiento
Location: bogota
Nationality: Colombian
Biography:   Industrial Designer, Photographer and entrepreneur, born in Bogota-Colombia in 1972, Ronderos divides his time as a furniture designer and fashion & advertising photography, besides the relentless pursuit, management and... read on
Public Story
Alto Rendimiento
Credits: andrés ronderos
Date of Work: 08/02/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 10/09/17

The district government of the city of Bogotá - Colombia, has a program to encourage development and social intrusion for kids and young adults through the practice of a sport discipline.

With 35 centers of interest or sports disciplines, more than 70,000 children from district schools in the city, are given the opportunity to practice a sport of their choice, accompanied by trained and activeathletes in their respective sport, with pedagogy and schooling skills for first childhood and young people.

The greatest motivation comes from these athletes, mostly members of Colombia Selection, who have participated or are current participants and winners in different Olympic and Paralympic competitions around the world, and with their visits to different educational establishments, they fund thetir talks with themission to sow in kids and young kids the interest to practice some sport and why not, take it as a lifestyle for the future.


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