Alinne Rezende

occupy la défense
Location: Sao Paulo
Nationality: brazilian
Biography: Photography has always matched with all my passions, all my choices and curiosities. It has always been my best excuse - excuse to be there, to go, to tell, to listen, to come back, to know more or to be just a memory. It has made me think, look,... read on
Public Story
occupy la défense
Credits: alinne rezende
Date of Work: 12/01/11 - 02/02/12
Updated: 06/05/19
Location: la defense, paris
Some 300 protesters started occupying Paris's financial district, La Défense, on 4 November 2011. Since then, their camp has been torn down by several police forces.
According to French protestors, relations with the police have varied considerably. Some police joined them for coffee and friendly discussion, but otherwise were hostile and confiscated blankets and food, leaving protesters sleeping in the cold outdoors without protection.
On 11 November, following a call made on social networks, some 400 additional people joined the occupation.
Occupy protests have also begun at Nantes, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Perpignan and more than 50 cities.

By Alinne Rezende —

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