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photojournalist ▪️visual storyteller
Araçoiaba e o Covid-19
Location: Sao Paulo
Nationality: brazilian
Biography: Photography has always matched with all my passions, all my choices and curiosities. It has always been my best excuse - excuse to be there, to go, to tell, to listen, to come back, to know more or to be just a memory. It has made me think, look,... read on
Private Story
Araçoiaba e o Covid-19
Credits: alinne rezende
Date of Work: 12/01/20 - 01/01/21
Updated: 01/29/21
Um documentário fotográfico sobre o impacto do COVID-19 em Araçoiaba da Serra, uma pequena cidade no interior do estado de São Paulo, sobre a vida dos moradores da cidade durante esta pandemia. Ensaio fotográfico de cunho documental visando registrar um momento tão histórico imposto pela Pandemia de COVID-19, seus moradores foram  retratados e entrevistados especificamente sobre como suas vidas foram afetadas e o que pensam sobre o Corona Vírus.

Um período de isolamento social, distanciamento entre a vida que costumavamos levar em comunidade. Como os cidadãos se reconhecem como sociedade perante esta questão? Quais as dificuldades e dúvidas que este momento impôs para a vida de cada um, e da sociedade como um todo? Quais são suas lutas e medos? Como podemos superar e continuar a partir de agora?

"Araçoiaba e o Covid-19" é um projeto realizado com recursos da Lei Federal Emergencial Aldir Blanc nº 14.017 /2020 - projeto apoiado nº 003/2020

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A photographic documentary on the impact of COVID-19 in Araçoiaba da Serra, a small town in the countryside of the state of São Paulo (Brazil), concerning the lives of city dwellers during this pandemic. Such a historic moment imposed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, its residents were portrayed and interviewed specifically about how their lives were affected and what they think about the Corona Virus.

in a period of social isolation, which distances life as we were used to in community. How do individuals recognize themselves as a society in the face of this issue? What difficulties and doubts did this moment impose on each person's life, and on society as a whole? What are their struggles and fears? How we can overcome and continue from now on?

"Araçoiaba ea Covid-19" is a project carried out with resources from the Federal Emergency Law Aldir Blanc nº 14.017 / 2020 - supported project nº 003/2020



Photography has always matched with all my passions, all my choices, and curiosities. It has always been my best excuse - excuse to be there, to go, to tell, to listen, to come back, to know more or to be just a memory. It has made me think, look, remember, pause (...)It all started, a while ago, when I used to get borrowed my dad's camera secretly when I was a teenager.  Later on, this passion evolved into my bachelor's degree in Photography by Senac University.  Professionally, my career started as a photojournalist freelancer and since then I've been working with news agencies, newspapers and press offices. In 2011 I moved to Paris to study Photojournalism at Speos Paris Photographic Institute. Nowadays, I'm living between Brazil and Europe, and aside from being a photojournalist, I'm also working with travel, documentary and fine-art photography, where I explore the aesthetics and the poetics of images, together with its social context.

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São Paulo | SP
14 | 01 | 1982


Faculdade Cásper Líbero
São Paulo, Brazil
Online Journalism, 2018

Spéos International photography school
Paris, France
Photohournalism - 2011 | 2012

Centro Universitário Senac
São Paulo, Brazil
Bach. Photography - 2001 | 2005

Professional Experience

Alinne Rezende
Jan 2006 – Now

Nova Vista Photography
Apr 2013 – Dec 2016

Revista Old
Jul 2015 – Dec 2016

Lance Press
photojournalist freelancer
Sep 2010 – May 2011

Gazeta Esportiva
Jul 2009 – May 2010

Futura Press
Aug 2007 – Jan 2008

Cesar Cury Fotografia
photographer’s assistant
Jun 2005 – Jul 2006

Exhibitions / Projects

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 - documentary project "Araçoiaba e o Covid-19"  
a project carried out with resources from the Federal Emergency Law Aldir Blanc nº 14.017 / 2020

Dec 2020: Honorable Mention at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 Editorial / Photo essay  

Nov 2020: Mulheres no mundo e o COVID-19
Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiacaba -
The Journal
curator / photographer
Metro de São Paulo
São Paulo - Brazil

Jul 2020: Time to Think
Shutter Hub / Festival Pil'Ours

May 2020: Everyday Delight part 2
(online exhibition) - Shutter Hub

March 2020: project WP the journal
(@wpthjournal) by @womenphotograph

Sept 2019: STREET/FORM at Pow!Wow! Rotterdam
Rotterdam - Netherlands

Aug/Sept, 2019: Festival de Fotografia de Paranapiacaba
São Paulo - Brazil

Jul 2019: Time to Think
Shutter Hub / Festival Pil'Ours

Feb 2019: FestFotoBrazil 2019
Competition Gallery (online)

Jul 2018: Because We Can
Shutter Hub / Festival Pil`Ours

Dec 2016: Feira do Cavalete 2016
Museu de Imagem e Som (MIS) by DOC Galeria
São Paulo - Brazil

May 2016: Athens Photo Festival 2016

May 2015: Larnaka Art Festival
Larnaca - Cyprus.

June 2014: Mostra Fotográfica sobre futebol by ARFOC - SP
Galeria Yojiro Takaoka, São Paulo - Brazil.

May 2012: Graduation Exhibition
Spéos Paris Photographic Institute
Paris - France

Jan 2012: Testemunha Ocular by João Kulcsar
Senac Lapa, São Paulo - Brazil

April 2011: Retrospective 2010 - Photojournalism bt ARFOC-SP
Conjunto Nacional, São Paulo - Brazil

May 2010: Retrospective 2009 - Photojournalism by ARFOC-SP
Conjunto Nacional, São Paulo - Brazil

Dec 2007: Documentary of "São Paulo é uma escola"
NGO Ass.Meninos do Toque Tambor
São Paulo - Brazil

June 2006: Formigueiro
Olido´s Gallery, São Paulo - Brazil.
2004: Casa Aberta
Senac Gallery, São Paulo - Brazil


Statement of purpose

Life has completely changed this last year. From moving back to my hometown and be forced to stay even though that was out of the question. So it is odd to think and talk about it these days, where the real priority is to keep me safe and the people around me safe. 

During this pandemic, many things got reinforced, one of them is how I believe in the work I do, and how much I really want to make a difference, using photography to help and contribute with as many people as possible. For sure, it sounds poetic, utopic, and a bit naïve, but that’s part of also who I am.

My main goals, in a short term, nowadays, are to continue to work as a photographer and have a good flow of jobs coming in, to keep improving my skills, and to get more visibility and opportunities to produce relevant content.

I believe these are the smalls steps that will lead me to my real and long-term goal – to be the best photographer I can be, to make my work relevant, and to make a living out of it. So I can completely dedicate myself to it. 

Even though it’s been a long and hard way, photography still keeps me motivated. For seeing myself improving, but most of all, for seeing and receiving feedback about how my work affects others is what I need to keep doing what I do. That makes all the sacrifices worth it.

As a Latin American women photographer, I had experienced some rough paths in photography because of who I am. Since I’ve started to work as a photographer, I try to help out as much as I can, as I appreciated all the helped I have received during my journey. Cause I strongly believe together we can go further and make a difference, even if today we are the minority in this market. My belief goes hand and hand with the proposal of Native agency, in my opinion, to make the minority's voice stand out in the world. During this last year, I helped the Journal, a collective of which I am part of, to participate in an exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil, focusing to give space especially for those who have fewer opportunities and that was a life-changing experience for me, not only as a photographer (cause of the challenge of curating it) but also to give this space to others photographers letting their work spread into the world. 

Therefore, join the Native agency will help me, much more as I can describe here. I believe that will add up in my career, helping me build a stronger network, also I truly ache for the tools and feedbacks that will improve my practice and skills making me achieve my dreams and goals. And as I said before, I do believe in the power of the collective, I am not only looking forward to what this opportunity can give me, but also, to contribute to all as much as I can.


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