Alaa Hassan

Location: Berlin
Nationality: Syria
Biography: Born in Syria, photographer Alaa Hassan moved out of Damascus  is now based in New York since 2013. Alaa's first book " Cardboard Castle " was realesed in 2017. It is a documentation of Damascus before the uprising and the war... read on
Public Story
Credits: alaa hassan
Date of Work: 01/01/07 - 11/20/12
Updated: 05/04/19
Location: Damascus, Syria

For the continuety of dictatorship, presence in the minds is essential. The Syria of Hafez Assad was covered with statues, posters and signs. When his son became president in 2000 he presented an image of a modest young president. But by the 2007 referendum to renew his presidency, the image of a fully grown lion was complete. 

Assad is Arabic for lion. The lions ruled Syria since November 1970, propaganda became an established feature of the country's visuals. This was reflected in the Syrian uprising as it was directed against the family rule of Assad.

The photos were taken between 2007 and 2012 in Syria, mostly in the capital Damscus.


By Alaa Hassan —

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