Adam Putnam

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Location: Troy, New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Raised in the Adirondack's of upstate New York. Hallmark Institute of Photography graduate, and ten years commercial photography work in New York City. Photographing and documenting the North American social landscape for over a decade. My... read on
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American Pastime
Credits: adam putnam
Updated: 12/22/12

American Pastime

  My journey allowed me to step outside and observe a now alien culture. I packed a lunch and set off for a new perspective. Hiked in the night, bathed in a stream, baked in the sun, and slept under the stars. My feet were sore, but my soul was hungry. Fellow man gave me food and shelter, out of the kindness of his heart. He also shared his knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, man stuck his nose up in the air, with a paranoid look on his face he snickered and spat as he passed me by. He shared with me his fears, then quickly closed his doors.

  What this world has to offer is far beyond the prison of our 9-5 brain pattern. The body and mind quickly adapt, we have been here before. The amount of stress that one thinks would come with such a bold trip, is far far less than the demands of this chosen structured lifestyle. The burden and fear of what your supposed to be doing, disappears, all of the sudden. Nomads we were… Nomads we are.

  Its imposable to function in the natural world tho, our skills are gone, the perceptions of our social life have taken up the space. You have to rely on fellow man to offer you his share. Of which he payed for with the money he earned shoveling shit. My point is that in the natural world, everything that we needed grew. It grew from the land, it too requires work, but every one has a share, because its not mine its not yours, it just is, at the mercy of the gods. Rather than at the mercy of the wealthiest man... Walking on the fringes of society, I could see most of us living in fear, while few lived in love. Maybe its time we as a people enact a new story.



-Adam Putnam


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