Jean Marc Hervé Abélard

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Photographier est certainement une passion, un passe-temps pour certains, mais pour Jean Marc Hervé Abelard, photographier est un sacerdoce. Ses caméras et lentilles sont ses instruments de... read on
A man carries  tires to burn it and build a...
A man carries tires to burn it and build a barricade during a demonstration in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 12 September 2017. Haitian Police dispersed hundreds of demonstrators who protested against the approval of the National Budget by the Parliament, considering that the piece sent by the president of the country Jovenel Moise raises the taxes and several public services. The demonstrators, most of them from the opposition party Fanmi Lavalas, shouted slogans against the approved raises for the emission of passports and driving licences. Photo: JEAN MARC HERVE ABELARD Scene