Shirin Abedi

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Location: Hannover, Germany
Nationality: German, Iranian
Biography: I was born 1996 in Tehran, Iran. In 2003, I immigrated with my family to Germany, after what I lived and socialized parallel in two cultures. My interest in Photojournalism grew in my early teenage years and got more visible after I took a basic... read on
Public Story
Diyar - The Home We Leave
Credits: shirin abedi
Date of Work: 10/01/16 - 07/03/18
Updated: 07/08/19
Location: Iran
Three percent of the world population doesn‘t live at the place they were born. I am one of them.
The story of my family is an example for one of Iran‘s main problems since the 1970-ies: The Brain Drain!
Thereby the country‘s elite in science, economy, politics and art emigrates due to their political dissatisfaction, de cient education opportunities and bad labor conditions mostly to North America or Europe. According to o cial statistics of the iranian authorities, at least 70.000 to 100.000 iranian students are abroad. Many of them won‘t return, like us who stayed in Germany.
Meanwhile, it is rare, that people with the ability to leave, stay.
I wanted to study this issue and met people who are part of the contemporary Iran and the common migrant stories. For me, Iran is an interplay between the desire of leaving, the anger about the homeland and the comfort in staying.