Wilfredo Riera

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Location: Caracas
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography:       Wilfredo Riera is a freelance photographer from Venezuela. He joined the documentary and photojournalism one year program at The International Center of Photography in New York in 2013.  His work has been published... read on
Public Story
Future star
Future star

In Venezuela people have embraced baseball like a popular expression since 1895. Since that year, baseball has been the most important sport
in the country, especially in poor and rural areas. In 2014 there were 331 Venezuelan players in US belonging to all the divisions and categories of Mayor League Baseball. Venezuela is the second country most represented in the US Major Leagues after the Dominican Republic. 

Future Star is a reportage that tells the story of a young baseball player looking for a contract with a MLB team. He is fifteen and came from a rural area called San Felipe in the west of Venezuela. He was found by a scout who recruited him when he was thirteen. Now he is living near the baseball academy (one hour from his home town), which is preparing him to find a contract with a MLB team. This is the only chance he has to become a profession because he left school to play baseball and help his family; there is no plan b for him. Economic and social situation push him to leave the school and just focus in this preparation, he start to practice at 7 am until 6pm six days per week. This is a common story in most of the big leaguers from Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands. 

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