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Visura highlights 14 photographers to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!
the visura media blog
Sep 19, 2017

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month—Visura highlights fourteen photographers, who are Hispanic or Latino Americans: Erika P. Rodrgz(Puerto Rico), Jorge Luis Chavarria (Guatemala), Joana Toro (Colombia), Pedro Farias-Nardi (Dominican Republic), Raul Cañibano (Cuba), Cinthya SantosBriones (Mexico), Misha Vallejo (Ecuador), Giovanna Mascetti (Venezuela), Hector Emanuel (Peru), Sofia Verzbolovskis (Panamá), Juan Carlos (El Salvador), Matías González(Chile), Gonzalo Pardo (Argentina), Griselda San Martin (Spain). Please consider sharing this post!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is the period from September 15 to October 15 in the United States, when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the group's heritage and culture.

Each was found via Visura's new Advanced Search Engine, a tool used by Visura members to search through Visura's database of over 3000 members from over 120 countries worldwide. You can search for images, projects, individuals, and organizations worldwide. This is an alternative solution that believes in merit-based and equal opportunities for professionals in the media industry worldwide.


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