Theresa Ortolani

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: "Theresa Ortolani is that rare and particular type of artist who will not only consistently attempt to grow and define her work in ambitious and challenging ways, but she will ultimately succeed in making them happen – with an astute... MORE
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Updated Oct 2015
Location Brooklyn, NY
Topics Action, Candid, Community, Documentary, Energy, Environment, Family, Freedom, Happiness, Landscape, Monograph, Photography, Portraiture, Racing, Sports, Teens, Travel, Youth
ENDURANCE (powerHouse Books 2010, 8.5x11, 155 plates)
2014 IPA/Lucie:  Portraiture, Lifestyle, Documentary
2010 PDN Annual Winner:  Book, Documentary, Sports
Award winning monograph offers embedded access and a scope that spans three years of off-road racing: A dangerous enterprise populated with a colorful, profane cast of daredevils. Ortolani applies an artist’s eye to this unforgiving sport and the riders who pursue it, resulting in an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes window into this punishing competition.

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Theresa Ortolani / Portugal & New York


Theresa Ortolani / Brooklyn, NY
ENDURANCE by Theresa Ortolani, powerHouse
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