Sobhan Farajvan

Lorestan Flood (2019)
Location: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Sobhan Farajvan born in 1989, Tehran, Iran. After graduation from B. Sc. Industrial Management from university, 2011, decided to start radical changes in his career and became photojournalist. Hardworking and keen to convey unobserved, began his... MORE
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Lorestan Flood (2019)
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Updated Sep 2022
Lorestan Flood
From mid-March to April 2019 widespread flash flooding affected large parts of Iran, most severely in Golestan, Fars, Khuzestan, Lorestan, and other provinces. Heavy rains on 3 April, have completely overwhelmed several towns in the mountainous Lorestan province. The town of Poldokhtar in Lorestan Province was engulfed by flood water. After the floodwaters subsided, cars and homes remained sunken in thick layers of mud. According to a dissident news agency, an internal police report stated that at least 90 people were killed when floods engulfed the western city of Poldokhtar in Lorestan province . At least 150,000 people were evacuated within the province.
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Lorestan Flood (2019) by Sobhan Farajvan
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