Rocio De Alba

Documantary/Fine Art Photographer
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Location: Queens, New York
Nationality: Hispanic
Biography: Rocio De Alba (rohsee-oh) is a fine art, multimedia, and conceptual photographer based in Queens, New York. She received a BFA from The School of Visual Arts and is an award-winning book designer and handmade book instructor. She was a grant... read on

S H E   W H O   F O U N D   G R A C E

In this new developing series I employ multimedia canons to visually chronicle my journey to “radical acceptance of death.” Enlisting a scientific and academic approach, I embark on this cathartic endeavor by adopting ideologies from renowned theologians, philosophers, and contemporary artists pursuing healthy dialogues that attempt to shift society’s adverse perception of death. 

In this quest I found peace by discovering that although end of life is inevitable, in actuality, multiple components of my body are slowly dying the longer I live! This revelation commenced an intimate self-healing process -thus further arousing my ongoing intrigue concerning self-portraiture. Unlike conventional portraits however, in this project I integrate abstract trends in art (using macro optics) to illustrate brazen images of my naked body – often in states of extreme grotesque – that document my physical transition organically produced by the aging process. Working against the male dominant history of idealized nude portraits of women, these images denounce marginalized dialogues about body shame and death. The playful pastel color schemes serve as a metaphor aimed to ease spectators’ psychological tensions (a method used in Eastern cultures) manifested by their subjective perceptions of “beauty,” as they confront a physique amplified with imperfections. My objectives are to defame machismo rejections of the elder female figure, and commence dialogues that minimize stigmas pertaining to death.

"...only the young bring anything new. And they don't stay young for long."
-William S. Burroughs

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