Régina Monfort

Photo Editor
FotoEvidence Press &Amp; Independent
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Location: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American/ French
Biography: Régina Monfort‘s passion for editing and sequencing images stems from her own work as a social documentary photographer. Since joining FotoEvidence as photo editor in 2010, Monfort has worked on a number of books, among them: Josue RIvas'... read on
This is My Country by Ingetje Tadros/ FotoEvidence Press
régina monfort
Aug 30, 2016

This Is My Country looks at people standing on the precipice of life: disenfranchised, neglected and now threatened with displacement. It is a permanent record of and bring attention to the plight of Aboriginal communities under threat. It will serve as a call to Australian society to support their First People and end the displacement of their communities.

Book launch September 2nd. at 3 p.m at Visa pour L'image official bookstore La Poudriere.

The book is available at FotoEvidence 


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