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Location: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: American/ French
Biography: Régina Monfort‘s passion for editing and sequencing images stems from her own work as a social documentary photographer. Since joining FotoEvidence as photo editor in 2010, Monfort has worked on a number of books, among them: Josue RIvas'... read on
Richard Sandler's The Eyes of the City reviewed by Serge J-F. Levy for Lens Culture
régina monfort
Jan 5, 2017
Pleased to share Serge J-F. Levy 's perceptive and thoughful review of Richard Sandler's The Eyes of the City.

Editing and sequencing Richard's remarkable photographs taken over 24 years was an exciitng challenge.

Serge Levy wrote: "Unlike many monographs made by street photographers, Richard’s poignant sequencing and the use of juxtapositions in spreads highlights the interdependency of his images. While he may not have been consciously aware of their connection at the time of exposure, his photographs become part of a dense network of interrelated thoughts and political concerns. At times, the sequencing is delicate and quietly suggestive; at others, the photographs unsparingly pound us with unnerving particulars that distinguish living in a metropolis from all other ways of life."

Indeed, in The Eyes of the City there is a relentless need to show the polarity of class and race that on a daily basis is thrust upon urban-dwellers. Richard’s unique photographic approach reveals his fierce compassion yet also his critical commentary;....." read on......


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