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Pollution in Bangladesh
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Pollution in Bangladesh
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Updated Dec 2012
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The industrial areas in Bangladesh are situated in the midst of densely populated regions and the growth of industries has generally been unplanned without keeping the issue of environmental protection in careful consideration. Gazipur District is one such industrial cluster where rapid, unplanned industrial expansion has led to serious local pollution. This area was historically important rice growing area but its close proximity to Dhaka has gradually led to more industries locating there over the past 15 years. There are now several types of industry in the area including a tannery, poultry farms and pharmaceutical industries but it is dominated by textile manufacturers, including dyeing and printing units. There are so many industries in Gazipur, only a few of them have installed Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Indiscriminate discharge of liquid waste by the industries has ruined a large part of the Turag River and Baimail Jheel, causing immense suffering to residents living on the banks, destroying fish and other aquatic lives. Fertile agricultural land is becoming infertile. Industrial liquid waste and black smog created by brick kilns have doubled the sufferings and even many villagers compelled to move their houses.

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