Philip Holt

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Location: New York
Nationality: Anglo-Francais
Biography: Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial photographer based in New York, with an international presence. Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a French mother and British father, he was raised in Milan and educated in London, Paris... read on
Public Project
Frat Boys
Credits: philip holt
Updated: 07/01/16

The Future of America

I became fascinated with Fraternities when my first born son went to college in Potsdam NY and joined Delta Upsilon at Clarkson University.

I see it as a  cushion between leaving home and joining the workforce. A moment in time where we can discover who we are, have all the freedom in the world once our grades are on target!

I got a call from my son soon after he joined, “ Dad, you have to come and see this !”.

Some time later, I arrived with my camera and lights.

I was not disappointed. Raised in Europe, my only reference to Fraternities was the 70’s cult film ‘Animal House’ starring John Belushi. Delta Upsilon, did it proud !

The whole notion of belonging to a club is very American, and Fraternities are just the beginning. They seem to bring together like minded people, to some extent you can say they are unifying yet at a broader the level they are divisive. Having said that, they are a healthy and safe environment for boys to explore their new reality of being away from home for the first time.

I found the camaraderie quite profound. Having spent some time with these boys, I wished I had gone to a Frat in my adolescence.

One of life's most memorable experiences that will stay with them for life.

The old adage, ‘From chaos to Order’ really sits well.

I plan to follow these boys later on in life, once they have settled in their life.

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