Panos Kostouros

Camping "PARRAS"
Location: amsterdam
Nationality: Greek
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story
Camping "PARRAS"
Credits: panos kostouros
Updated: 11/11/11

A few months ago I visited a close friend, we met at a Camping place right next to the sea, close to our hometown- Lamia.Greece. From the moment I parked my car outside the entrance, up until I finally sat in with the whole family, around the plastic-family table, I was speechless. It was like fairies from my childhood, inviting me to a beautiful dance around tents and caravans. To bring out the sound of summer, the taste of fresh seasonal fruit and everything that we loved as children, became my mission as a photographer for 24 hours.  Editing these pictures felt like I was digging through my childhood. "Nostalgia" could be another title of this Album.


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