Panos Kostouros

Army Files
Location: amsterdam
Nationality: Greek
Biography: Coming soon...
Public Story
Army Files
Credits: panos kostouros
Updated: 01/31/12

18 months can be a quite long period.

If you are in school is ok, but if you are in the army, instead of being in Berlin or London, while a Western youngster, then it is not ok.

From the very first day the whole system shows you the importance of exposing what you are good at, so that you can be usefull at something.

At that time there were two things that I could do. Making and serving coffees and taking pictures. Thanks God I was chosen for the second.

These pictures have nothing to do with what I was shooting for my officers. It was my escape route, not to say goat.


By Panos Kostouros —

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