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Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Coming soon...

Manifesto is a sketch, in the perspective of being a project that is not complete yet (just started *), about a profound transformation wrought in the Portuguese society in recent years due to a economic rupture, a social rupture, a rupture of values , a rupture of the human condition ... a crisis as a stage of rapid substitutions.

Manifesto aims to document some portion of our time with an approach as close as possible to reality, since the image itself is not the real but only a resemblance to the real, a past moment that is intended to have a timeless validity , an open memory of a certain singular event.

Manifesto proposes the narrative about unknown characters; anonymous characters with a strong tendency to anonymity inserted in a given collective context. Ordinary men and women who do not have common heroic vocation, which assume a peculiar character, one singular existence - characters isolated against a collective, but they are the same collective. Characters interconnected and interacting aware of their own individual identity and collective identity.

Manifesto is thus a reflection through a direct and neutral language and aims to grasp these individual realities as well as collective reality. A solitaire exercise, an interpretation of the various elements constituting the composition while meeting individual elements, when joined, result in a detached from all parts. A visual experience translated into information - bearing images tend to need to try to create a pattern within a given context.

* The project began in 2011



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