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Untitled Portraits is a project about people. Once more, this is a project about ordinary people, common people … essentially anonymous people.

Anonymity is derived from the Greek word “ἀνωνυμία – anonymia”, meaning "without a name" or "namelessness".

Untitled Portraits intends to tell the story of those who have no history beyond a history. Those who do not have a story to tell. Those “without a name” or “nameless” that are part of our collective but are not included therein.

Untitled Portraits is a project about the complex relationship developed between the individual and the collective. The absurd relationship between the individual that makes up the collective, but which is not an integral part of that same collective – the extremely unreasonable absurd.

The collective is the representative element of persistent relationships but humanly impossible. The collective may even, though more by means of metaphor, refer to a aggregation of individuals. Individuals that through their own consciousness, create their own values and determine a meaning to the collective.

Untitled Portraits is a project about the constant conflict between the individual tendency to seek a inherent value and meaning of collective and the individual inability to achieve it.



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