Peter Nohrnberg

Photographer, Poet, Critic
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Location: Cambridge, USA
Nationality: USA
Biography:         Peter Nohrnberg is a poet, photographer, literary critic, and occassional consultant. A former British Marshall Scholar, he holds degrees in English literature from Harvard, Oxford and Yale.  He has been taking... read on
Public Project
Pre-selfie Selfies
Credits: peter nohrnberg
Date of Work: 09/04/80 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/27/18
Before selfies became the habit of every teenager with a smart phone and an Instagram account, taking a self portrait with a camera required an uncanny amount of self-absorption, self-assurance, and technical knowledge.  More than simply documenting the photographer's adolescent and teenagen years, these pre-selfie selfies, all taken on film cameras and most with the aid of a self-timer and a tripod, show a young man using the camera as a mirror to explore possible selves, from punk rocker to preppie.  

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