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Location: Chicago
Nationality: American
Biography: NIMATARADJI photography +1-312-925-3500 +1-866-701-3686 As an Iranian-American editorial and documentary photographer, my attention is focused on the cultural, social and political aspects of our society. My aim is to... read on
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Credits: nima taradji photography
Updated: 09/27/16
Location: Evanston, Illinois

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.” 
― Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

“Sources” is a project about life and death. The processes of birth and death both are a movement from darkness to lightness. The newborn sees light and the dying sees light and both move towards it for each process to be complete. Our hopes and dreams, our goals and achievements, our plans for future are all embodied in this light towards which we move. Whether it is a Celestial source or one that is only imaginary or expected, this source of light embodies all our life effort and the culmination of all that we are.

Exhibited at Margin Gallery, Chicago, Illinois - 2010.


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