Nima Taradji Photography

Location: Chicago
Nationality: American
Biography: NIMATARADJI photography +1-312-925-3500 +1-866-701-3686 I am an Iranian-American editorial and documentary photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.  Cultural, social and political themes attract my curiosity. My aim is... read on
Public Story
Credits: nima taradji photography
Date of Work: 03/01/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/16/18
Via Crucis or The Living Stations of the Cross is the re-enactment of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It has taken place since 1977 in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It starts at the Providence of God Church Parish where the members of the Church re-enact the events of the Last Supper. They then proceed down 18th Street where a member carries a cross while being taunted by other members dressed as Roman soldiers. Via Crucis then culminates in the crucifixion. It is a process by which Catholics in Chicago and all over the world feel closer to Jesus and his sacrifice during the Good Friday Celebrations.

By Nima Taradji Photography —

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