Matic Zorman

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Location: Kranj, Slovenia
Nationality: Slovenian
Biography:         Matic Zorman is Slovenian photographer, born in 1986. In 2008 he began his career by contributing news images to a variety of Slovenian newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. His work was published in The Washington... read on
Public Story
The Balkan Nights
Reportage bears title "The Balkan Nights", as it covers the plight of refugees on their route from Macedonian border through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, only to escape death and poverty in their homelands. This essay documents their struggle to reach safety and receive an asylum status in one of the countries of the European Union. This reportage documents the harsh conditions refugees are facing on their way through the Balkan route, as the Balkan countries were under prepared for a crisis of this dimensions, often resembling a scenery from the Biblical exodus. More than a million of refugees fled their homes in 2015.

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