Matic Zorman

Days of Limbo
Location: Kranj, Slovenia
Nationality: Slovenian
Biography:         Matic Zorman is Slovenian photographer, born in 1986. In 2008 he began his career by contributing news images to a variety of Slovenian newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. His work was published in The Washington... read on

The series entitled "Days of Limbo" portrays small groups, individual refugees and asylum seekers, waiting in a buffer zone to cross from Slovenia into Austria.

The small patch of land between the two countries was established as a buffer zone for more controlled and efficient passage of the refugees and asylum seekers crossing the border. Barred by a fence and surrounded by the police, there was no free access for humanitarian support, food and medical support for the refugees and asylum seekers who have been waiting in disbelief, sometimes even for two days. Lined up for so long, some refugees and asylum seekers reached the verge of sanity.

In October 2015, more than 100.000 refugees and asylum seekers have passed a tiny country of Slovenia, which makes it about 5 percent of its population. During the most critical time, at the end of October, crowds of refugees and asylum seekers trying to cross into Austria, reached hundreds of people. They were all waiting at the fence for the Austrian authorities to let them cross into an Austrian refugee camp. Some of the refugees and asylum seekers have been lining up in a crowd for a whole day, deprived of any food, water or chance to use the bathroom, only to guard their spot in the queue to cross once the police opened the passage.

Occasionally the crowd of people was dense to the point that the light from surrounding flood lights rarely reached ground level, yet it illuminated faces of those who stood up to stretch their body or to protest against the long wait. Faces of those, caught in a limbo, were painted with disbelief, anger and disappointment.


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